Kingstown Public School

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About our school

The school is the focal point for this community. It is recognised by the community that students attending this school will receive individual attention in terms of both academic and social needs, this being achieved through the staff's knowledge of every student. By virtue of its size and isolation the community welcomes the development of confidence and openness in the students ensuring that each social contact is fully exploited. At Kingstown we aim to: develop positive attitudes to academic work and the pursuit of excellence; provide a child centered curriculum which acknowledges lateral, accelerated and remedial activities in line with state priorities; develop skills and attitudes which enable students to make choices about their future lives; instill a respect for the rights of others to live their lives in peace, co-operation and free from discrimination; ensure resources and facilities support curriculum implementation and address the students' needs; and develop a respect for the environment and recognition of its importance to the future of our society.